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Stages of Endometriosis

Cutaway view of abdomen

The picture to the right shows normal organs. Your health care provider can mark where you have growths of endometrial tissue. These are called implants.

Staging depends on certain factors. These include:

  • Number, size, and site of implants

  • Presence and extent of adhesions

  • Involvement of other pelvic organs

The stage may not match the pain you feel. Even early stages can cause a large amount of pain.

The 4 stages are listed below:

I - Minimal. Shallow implants on ovary.

II - Mild. Shallow implants on pelvic lining and ovary. Light adhesions.

III - Moderate. Deep implants on pelvic lining and ovary. Dense adhesions.

IV - Severe. Deep implants on ovaries and pelvic lining. Dense adhesions on ovaries, tubes, and bowel.





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