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For Kids: Avoiding Your Asthma Triggers

You like to stay busy and have fun. But you may be afraid asthma will slow you down. Do your best to control your asthma. Then you can do all the things you like to do!

Draw a line from each problem on the left to the best answer on the right.


If This Asthma Trigger Is a Problem

Try Doing This

Cat sitting in front of house.  

Man with whistle wearing "coach" cap.  

Your friend invites you to his house. You are allergic to his cat.

Tell your teacher or coach that it's better for your asthma if you exercise indoors.

Pile of toys such as stuffed animals and toy trucks.  

Front door of house.  

Your bedroom is dusty. You and your parents are going to clean it because dust flares up your asthma.

Invite your friend to your house. Or, play outside.

Sports equipment such as basketball, football, baseball bat, and tennis racquet.

Toy box with lid.

You are going to have physical education (P.E.) or gym class outside on a hot, smoggy day. Your asthma might flare up.

 Keep your books and toys dust-free by putting them in boxes with lids. And, have another family member dust your room often.

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