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Bone Health 

Keep Your Bones Strong All Life Long

You know a proper diet and exercise are good for your general health and can help you stay in shape, look great and, if needed, lose weight. Did you know including certain vitamins and minerals in your diet and certain exercises can help keep your bones strong?

Calcium and Vitamin D are Key

Be sure your diet includes foods that have lots of calcium and vitamin D, such as:

  • Nuts
  • Dairy products like milk and cheeses
  • Leafy vegetables (particularly those that are dark green)
  • Foods labeled as fortified with calcium

Exercise for the Bones

Weight-bearing physicial activities cause your body and gravity to work against one another, which is great for your bones. While lifting weights is a good option, there are other forms of exercise considered "weight-bearing":

  • Walking/running
  • Tennis, basketball, soccer
  • Dancing
  • Jump rope
  • Hiking/climbing

Remember though, while exercise is important, overdoing it or "playing through the pain" can put your bones and joints in danger.